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Agile Locomotion™

A Innovative form of locomotion lets you run, sprint and kick a ball in VR with no physical discomfort.

Feel the wind in your virtual hair and the turf under your virtual boots as you take position on the VRFC pitch and play to win.


The worlds first FPF (first-person football game) 

A first person soccer game, played in VR where you control the running, dribbling and kicking motions with the unique agile locomotion mechanic, giving you the abilty to play a a game of football in VR

Burn Calories

VRFC is Energetic and fun, an innovative upper body workout burning calories as you play, Virtual reality is a great place to work out as you're transported to world of fun and games.



Available at launch on Playstation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Players will be able to play and chat online across all 3 major platforms

Create & join private matches 

Tackle your friends in a private match for a little friendly competition

Offline training programmes 

Practice your skills offline, with a variety of training programmes to master the controls, learn passing sprinting and more.

Global Leaderboards 

Compete against the global leaderbaords, make friends and play toegther 

Play Online 

VRFC is a social game, playable online with up to 8 players. Get in defence or be a striker and play as a team to win 


  • VR FOCUS AWESOME! 8/10 "VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club has some significant depth in not only an individual’s skill but also team work. No single player can win a match by themselves"
  • PURE PLAYSTATION 8/10 "Online, this is where VRFC shines... It’s a team effort and that’s something I really appreciate."
  • The VR Base 3.8/5 "VRFC is one of the best sports experiences to date, and it makes us excited about the future of sports games in VR. "
  • Sport Techie "Mark Zuckerberg said, “(VR) will be the most social platform ever.” Sports games like VRFC are another step towards making that statement a reality."
  • Desconsolados "this game translates the values of the sport into the game like very few other games can. This makes every match a total blast..."
  • VR GamerCritic "An impressive virtual sports title and one of the best games to enjoy online in #VR, whether you like football or not"

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